Selma's Texas Barbecue


About Selma

Selma's Family Born from a long line of Swiss and German immigrants like those who settled Central Texas, Selma grew up in the country in East Texas and Southern Arkansas.  She learned to cook at a young age, and she spent many hours at the stove in her early years, helping to feed her parents, brother and sister.  Selma grew up during the depression when times were hard, and money was scarce, but her hard work ethic, positive spirit and her close family shaped her values
Before the war Selma married James, a Southern Baptist minister and they moved with their young family to several small communities in Texas and Arkansas.  Selma’s children, Ann Hope and James Aubrey were her pride and joy!  Selma would often work in the church office where James was the minister, and together they helped feed the community both literally and spiritually.  Ann Hope would often tell her grandpa “Our family may not have much money, but we have lots of love.” More Family
Still More Family! Along with her brother and sister, there would be many grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews gathered around the family table at Selma’s on many a special occasion.  But Selma didn’t need a special occasion to fix a great meal.  And neither do we.  We prepare all of our food in the same spirit of quality and love that Selma did. Try us for any occasion!


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